Iterate through the letters of the alphabet in Racket

I'd like to write a program that iterates through the letters in the alphabet as symbols and does something with them. I'd like it to be roughly equivalent to this C code:

for(char letter = 'a'; letter <= 'z'; letter++)
    printf("The letter is %c\n", letter);

I really have no idea how to do this in Racket. Thanks for your help.


  • Assuming that you only want to iterate over lowercase English alphabet letters, here's one way to do it:

    (define alphabet (string->list "abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz"))
    (for ([letter alphabet])
      (displayln letter))

    You can do a lot more with for loops though. For example,

    (for/list ([let alphabet] [r-let (reverse alphabet)])
      (list let r-let))

    produces a list of letters paired with letters going the other direction. Although that's actually better expressed as a map: (map list alphabet (reverse alphabet)).

    Also, SRFI-14 provides more operations over sets of characters if you need more.

    Edit: Originally, I did something with char->integer, integer->char, and range but what I have now is simpler.