vba search through a folder and select files by name

I've got lots of files in a folder structered with names like:


where the "02122013" bit is the date - 02/12/2013. Some of them have been made on the same day. I'd like to create a file that takes all of the workbooks that were made on the same day and put them all in one big file. So far I am struggling to get the selectivity to open a day-specific file. Does anyone have any idea what kind of code can help me with this?

Edit: Solved, thanks for the help, all! Here was the code that worked for me:

 folder_location = Application.ActiveWorkbook.Path

i2 = 0

strFile = Dir(folder_location & "\")

'looping through to find the right file names and putting them all in an array
While strFile <> ""
    If Right(strFile, 3) = "csv" Then
                file_to_analyse = Split(strFile, "@")
                If Right(file_to_analyse(0), 8) = date_we_want_to_analyse_on Then
                    found_files_to_analyse(i2) = strFile
                    i2 = i2 + 1
                End If
            End If
    strFile = Dir


  • Do you want to consolidate files on the basis of file saved date or on the basis of the name of the file. A file named with yesterday's date can be saved today and will bear today's date. I guess you would have to parse the name of the file and apply logic around the date (in the file name) in a do while loop till all the files in the directory are searched for the condition. If the condition is met, you copy the opened file into a worksheet in your file. If the condition is not met, the file is skipped. Following might help

    For each date which needs to be consolidated, do the following in a loop or an in a user prompted message box where the user inputs the date. You also need to chose whether you want the consolidation to happen in the workbook from where you are launching the macro or a separately opened workbook. The code below assumes you are consolidating in the same workbook.
    Path = Path of the directory in which the files are stored
    Flname = Dir(Path & "*.csv")
    Do While Flname <> "" 
    If ' file check Condition' Then
        Filecheckname = True  ' Checks if file follows the naming conventions desired
        Filecheckname = False
    End If
    If Filecheckname Then
        FlDate = getDate(Flname)     ' extracts the date from the file name
        GoTo Errorhandler ' If there is an error, then the macro stops with a message to the user
    End If
    If FlDate<> Date Then
        flsskpd = flsskpd + 1       ' If the date criteria is not met, the file is skipped with an increment to the fileskipped counter
        Flname = Dir()
         Workbooks.Open Filename:=Path & Flname, ReadOnly:=True
    'Code to Copy into consolidated workbook (ThisWorkbook)
    filesmoved = filesmoved + 1
         Flname = Dir()
    End if
    Message to user about how many files skipped and consolidated. 
    Prompt user whether to continue to the next date consolidation, if yes, continue or take the new date as an input and repeat the loop