AVSpeechSynthesizer output as file?

AVSpeechSynthesizer has a fairly simple API, which doesn't have support for saving to an audio file built-in.

I'm wondering if there's a way around this - perhaps recording the output as it's played silently, for playback later? Or something more efficient.


  • As of now AVSpeechSynthesizer does not support this . There in no way get the audio file using AVSpeechSynthesizer . I tried this few weeks ago for one of my apps and found out that it is not possible , Also nothing has changed for AVSpeechSynthesizer in iOS 8.

    I too thought of recording the sound as it is being played , but there are so many flaws with that approach like user might be using headphones, the system sound might be low or mute , it might catch other external sound, so its not advisable to go with that approach.