How to run unit tests with DSSS and GDC?

I am very new to D and still battling trying to configure my toolchain.

I am running Ubuntu Karmic and would like to use DSSS with GDC and Tango or TangoBos.

Till now, I installed GDC from Ubuntu repositories, DSSS, Tango and TangoBos from these repositories and I can compile using dsss + gdc + tangobos.

According to DSSS documentation, it should be possible to run the unit tests using

$ dsss build --test

but on my system, the --test argument is ignored. I have dsss last version (0.78) and its inline help does not include anything about unit tests.

Running ldc --unittest works fine (though I do not know exactly which libray it picks up).

Is there a way to run my unit tests using the same compiler & library than for compilation?

If so, is there a way to automate the testing or will I have to run it module per module?


  • As best I can tell, sometime around Karmic, Ubuntu's install of gdc started ignoring arguments such as "--foo".


    $ gdc --not-a-real-option
    gdc: no input files


    $ gdc -not-a-real-option
    gdc: unrecognized option '-not-a-real-option'
    gdc: no input files

    So on Lucid dsss version 0.76, gdc (Ubuntu 1:1.046-4.3.4-3ubuntu1) 4.3.4,

    dsss build -test 


    dsss build -unittest

    should compile with unit tests