How can I see function arguments in IPython Notebook Server 3?

I've recently switched to IPython Notebook 3 (3.1.0-cbccb68 to be exact), the Anaconda version. Previously when I typed a function and opened a parenthesis like this:


and if the cursor was between the parentheses then I would get a contextual overlay menu that displayed the function arguments. Now I don't see it, and although I've searched, I can't find out how I can turn on this functionality.


  • In 1.0, the functionality was bound to ( and tab and shift-tab, in 2.0 tab was deprecated but still functional in some unambiguous cases completing or inspecting were competing in many cases. Recommendation was to always use shift-Tab. ( was also added as deprecated as confusing in Haskell-like syntax to also push people toward Shift-Tab as it works in more cases. in 3.0 the deprecated bindings have been remove in favor of the official, present for 18+ month now Shift-Tab.

    So press Shift-Tab.