Open source graph database

I need graph database for my project. I want to perform shortest path operation on the graph. I searched google and found neo4j, InfoGrid and sones. I am not sure which one performs the best.

Neo4j is insisting on transaction for read queries also, so I am worried it will cause delays. I want high performance graph database engine. It will be awesome if it can support shortest path also.


  • I agree with @Reinderien, you should bench these products. But I would also add OrientDB in the mix. Quoting its author in this comment:

    I'm working to OrientDB. It's a NoSQL hybrid document-graph dbms with special operators for graph operations. The main difference is that you can query it using SQL language with some extension like:

    select from People where friends TRAVERSE(1,7) (name = 'Ayende' and surname = 'Rahien')

    This means get all the people that have any relationship of friends with you up to the 7th level of separation.

    According to its website, the performances looks pretty decent. Worth the look at least.