Visual Studio Code - Java - Import Errors and More

Just starting working on an existing project at work and wanted to use Visual Studio Code as my IDE (I have used it for a recent Rails project and loved it, so wanted to try with Java).

However, whenever I try to open one of the projects I receive a ton of different errors including:

"The import of (or java.util) cannot be resolved"

"The implicit super constructor is undefined for default constructor. Must define explicit constructor"

All of these seem to stem from some sort of setting error I have with VS Code but can seem to find what it is. I have already uninstalled and reinstalled the RedHat plug-in that enables the Java language for VS Code.

I have tried setting the java_home setting in the extension to the direct location of the install but that didn't work. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling java and that also didn't work.

My operating specs are as follows:

Any idea on what may be causing this? Do you think it may be an error in how I have VS Code set up or if it's an error (or rather incompatibility) with how the existing project is set up?


  • I ran into a similar issue. The solution was to remove everything from VS Code's workspace storage directory, which was located at $HOME/Library/Application Support/Code/User/workspaceStorage/.

    I found this solution here:

    Update: This can now be done from within VS Code as of Language Support for Java(TM) by Red Hat Version 0.33.0. Open the command palette and type "java clean" (see official description in link).