What is a proper way to create a type for Vue props

I'm trying to create a custom type for my prop in Vue js, I've created a types folder and added it in the tsconfig.typeRoots the IntelliSense and all the other things work correctly, no issues at compile time but when I visit that component, I get an error that Car is not defined but I have already defined it and it works at other places but after checking official documentation I got to know that prop expects a constructor so I redefined the type to declare class Car and added a constructor prototype but again the same issue.

Here are the files: car component

<script lang="ts">
import Vue from "vue";

export default Vue.extend({
  name: "the-car",
  props: {
    car: {
      required: true,
      type: Car,

the types/common/index.d.ts declaration file

declare class Car {
    name: String;
    image: String;
    kms: Number;
    gears: String;
    desc: String;
    fuel: String;
    engine: String;
    price: Number;
    constructor(name: String, image: String, kms: Number, gears: String, desc: String, fuel: String, engine: String, price: Number);


  • type declaration such as type: Car or type: Object as Car will not work because in Vue, it provides additional functionality like prop validation which goes beyond the standard type checking that you get in Typescript.

    While type: Object as () => Car will work, the proper way to handle this is by using Vue's helper method PropType.

    import { PropType } from 'vue'
    props: {
      car: {
        type: Object as PropType<Car>,
        required: true,

    Check this Typescript Support docs from Vue.js for more info about annotating props.