Can I set a typescript configuration `tsconfig.json` path on the VSCode IDE to use?

I have a project structure like the following:

└── my-app/
    ├── .configs/
    │   ├── tsconfig.json
    │   ├── webpack.merge.ts
    │   ├── webpack.dev.config.ts
    │   └── webpack.prod.config.ts
    ├── node_modules
    ├── src/
    │   └── index.tsx
    └── package.json

Running TypeScript on the commandline tsc --project .configs/tsconfig.json compiles without issues. But VSCode IDE shows me errors/warnings in the .tsx. I don't want to disable TS Warnings so this won't work for me: How to disable TypeScript warnings in VSCode?, Why does VS Code throw "Cannot find module 'typescript'. ts(2307)" while the module is there?

Is there a setting in VSCode that I set a path so that VSCode IDE TypeScript can use for the current project. I understand that if I put the tsconfig.json in the root dir (my-app) VSCode IDE works as expected. But I would like to keep all configuration scripts in a single folder instead of the root dir. Does VSCode allow for this?


  • As far as I know, VS Code (or more precisely, the built-in TS extension) doesn't support having your config any other place.

    What you could do is placing a tsconfig.json in your root that extends your .config/tsconfig.json. It's not the prettiest, but you can make it pretty seamless by 1) adding it to your .git/info/exclude to make git ignore it (without having to modify .gitignore) and 2) adding it to your Files: Exclude VS Code option to hide it from your explorer in VS Code.