How do I fix this error when installing GHC with ghcup?

I'm trying to install GHC with ghcup on an windows laptop running an Ubuntu subsystem. I keep getting the same error and I don't even really know what is going wrong. Here are the error messages:

[ Info  ] verifying digest of: ghc-8.10.7-x86_64-fedora27-linux.tar.xz
[ Info  ] Unpacking: ghc-8.10.7-x86_64-fedora27-linux.tar.xz to /tmp/ghcup-61d1fb5776edc19e
[ Info  ] Installing GHC (this may take a while)
[ ghc-make ] # on Win64, "install -s" calls a strip that doesn't understand 64bit binaries.
[ ghc-make ] # For some reason, this means the DLLs end up non-executable, which means
[ ghc-make ] "utils/ghc-cabal/dist-install/build/tmp/ghc-cabal-bindist" copy compiler stage2 "strip" '' '/home/levi...
i...         Installing library in /home/levi/.ghcup/ghc/8.10.7/lib/ghc-8.10.7/ghc-8.10.7
i...         "/home/levi/.ghcup/ghc/8.10.7/lib/ghc-8.10.7/bin/ghc-pkg" --force --global-package-db "/home/levi/.gh...
[ ghc-make ] ghc-pkg: Couldn't open database /home/levi/.ghcup/ghc/8.10.7/lib/ghc-8.10.7/package.conf.d for modific...
i...         make[1]: *** [ghc.mk:985: install_packages] Error 1
             make: *** [Makefile:51: install] Error 2
[ Error ] BuildFailed failed in dir "/tmp/ghcup-61d1fb5776edc19e": Process "make" with arguments ["install"] failed with exit code 2.
[ ...   ]     Check the logs at /home/levi/.ghcup/logs and the build directory /tmp/ghcup-61d1fb5776edc19e for more clues.
[ ...   ]     Make sure to clean up /tmp/ghcup-61d1fb5776edc19e afterwards.
"_eghcup --cache install ghc recommended" failed!

Any ideas on why this is happening and how to fix it?


  • Judging by this issue on the ghcup repo (it cites the same error as yours), you are using WSL 1, which is not supported. You have to upgrade to WSL 2.