How to get original (non-edited) rows in SM30 events?

I need to get the view data and do some validations about "whether the DB data got updated by others during my time of editing.". Since the generated program already reads the data from DB during read function, I did not want to write a select query to do the same.

I am aware that TOTAL[] and EXTRACT[] holds only the edited data. Is there a structure that holds data from the initialization time?

I tried searching through existing runtime variants but did not find any? Is there a way to capture the values in an already existing runtime structure?


  • As mentioned, there is no global variable that holds the initial display data.

    AA event is more about complete revamp of the select logic. So this works if we are to change the current logic before display.

    Event 06: After completely performing the function 'Get original' is more apt in my case since I just need to read the data. It triggers right after the program fetches initial values.