How do I tell a running Dyalog session to accept RIDE connections?

Dyalog RIDE can connect to running interpreter sessions, but in order for that to work, is there a way to tell an already running session that it should start listening to incoming connections?

I know I can start a new session with the following environment variable set:


and it'll listen.


  • There are two steps to accomplishing this. Since the interpreter wasn't started with RIDE_INIT="serve::4502", we need to set this initialisation string. After that, we'll need to actually start listening for an incoming connection. Both of these are accomplished using the 3502⌶ function (called Manage RIDE Connections):

    3502⌶'serve::4502'  ⍝ set initialisation string
    3502⌶1              ⍝ start listening

    We can combine both into a single step by mapping the function over an array of these two values:

    3502⌶¨'serve::4502' 1