Resuming execution after conditional breakpoint in Dyalog APL

In a previous question I asked about how to set a conditional breakpoint in Dyalog RIDE, and the accepted answer works as advertised, by creating a guard statement with an empty function call as the body. Execution will be halted on the expected line when the condition is met. However, this being a guard, if I then want to resume execution, the function will return, which is not what I want -- is it possible to resume execution as if the guard statement had not been triggered?


  • Simply skip the currect line before resuming execution.

    By default, Ctrl+Shift+Enter will skip the current line, both in the cross-platform RIDE and in the Windows-only IDE.

    If this is something you do often, then consider combining the line skipping and resumption of execution into a single function key, here F7:

    IDE: 'FD' 'RM'⎕PFKEY 7

    RIDE: Edit > Preferences… > Shortcuts > "PF7": <FD><RM>