Convert a decimal number in Java into its assumed decimal Cobol representation

I have a requirement to convert a regular number (most likely with 2 decimal digits) into its respective Cobol counterpart with so called assumed decimal point in the following format: 9(9)v99.

I already have a way to right align and pad it with zeroes, which is part of the requirement, just need to come up with a generic way to convert something like 1234.56 into its Cobol equivalent: 123456.

Is there any good way to do it in Java 8, or perhaps a framework that does Cobol formatting conversions like that?


  • I've experimented a little bit more with the existing Java facilities, and stumbled upon the movePointRight(int n) on BigDecimal type which seems to be doing what @rzwitserloot suggests but more declaratively.

    Put together the below randomized test and ran it enough times (it seems) to eliminate any edge cases, as the result comes out green:

    for (int i = 0; i < 100000; i++) {
        Faker faker = new Faker();
        String number = faker.expression("#{numerify '######.##'}");
        System.out.println("string: " + number);
        BigDecimal bdNumber = new BigDecimal(number);
        BigDecimal bdNumberMovedRight = bdNumber.movePointRight(2);
        System.out.println("bdNumberMovedRight: " + bdNumberMovedRight);
        BigDecimal bdNumberMovedLeft = bdNumberMovedRight.movePointLeft(2);
        System.out.println("bdNumberMovedLeft: " + bdNumberMovedLeft);

    here's a couple of random results that seem satisfying:

    string: 062533.74
    bdNumberMovedRight: 6253374
    bdNumberMovedLeft: 62533.74
    string: 882297.73
    bdNumberMovedRight: 88229773
    bdNumberMovedLeft: 882297.73
    string: 638429.50
    bdNumberMovedRight: 63842950
    bdNumberMovedLeft: 638429.50
    string: 500882.06
    bdNumberMovedRight: 50088206
    bdNumberMovedLeft: 500882.06
    string: 922547.94
    bdNumberMovedRight: 92254794
    bdNumberMovedLeft: 922547.94