Is there a way to declare a key attribute in ADT without the use of SE24?

When using the interface IF_WORKFLOW design a Business Object to be used in SAP Workflow, one can declare a key attribute using SE24. This helps when using SWUE to raise business events and test workflows.

flag for key attribute in SE24

Is there a way to declare and display this flag for a key attribute using ADT? The data declaration in the public section looks exactly the same as for a regular attribute.

enter image description here

I tried opening the class in ADT and expected there to be some kind of representation of the flag.


  • Unfortunately, it is not possible to display / define it in Eclipse. This functionality is specific to the SE24 Class Builder, where the classes, which are implementing IF_WORKFLOW interface are recognized as workflow-enabled and an additional column Key Attributes on the Attributes tab is shown.

    Please note, that for some SAP releases there was a bug, where the Attributes of Business- or Workflow-Classes were lost if editing the class in source-based mode or editing some source text sections directly (which was related to editing in Eclipse also).
    Check the SAP-Note 2400131 for further details.