Matlab's parpool: How to specify directory for temp files?

On this website, it states that if one is working on an object of parcluster, one can use the property JobStorageLocation to modify the directory for temporary files.

It seems the same is not working for parpool, and from the docs, I cannot find a similar property name. Any ideas?


  • That document is referring to setting up the JobStorageLocation for the "local" (aka "Processes") cluster type. You can use this together with parpool like so:

    c = parcluster("local");
    c.JobStorageLocation = "/some/temporary/directory";
    parpool(c); % Stores files in /some/temporary/directory

    Note that this only configures where the files are stored for managing execution of the job. If you want to change the temporary directory used by MATLAB itself, see this MATLAB Answer for details.