How to print required namespace?

I required namespace and I can use it:

(ns core
  (:require [hello :as h]))

(println h/x)

But why I can't print namespace only?

(println h) # Unable to resolve symbol: h in this context 

I tried this with deps-tools and leiningen


  • When you say (println h) you are asking to print the value bound to the symbol h in the current namespace. h is not interpreted as a namespace (or namespace alias) unless it is followed by a / character. So (println h/x) asks to print the value bound to the symbol x in the namespace referenced by the alias h, in other words, hello.x. You have not bound anything to the symbol h in your namespace, so h on its own is undefined.

    If you want to look at the namespace itself, do something like (println (the-ns 'hello)) (see