How to set message size limit for actix websocket actorless?

I need some help. So, I'm trying to send a websocket message that is in the size of around hundreds of kbs. I am using actix web, with actorless websockets. The problem is once, the websocket message (being sent to the server) exceed some number of kb (I don't know how much), it gives an error saying the payload size is too large. I have seen github issues and pull requests intended to fix this issue with actix-web-actors here:

But I can't seem to a find a way for setting the payload limit the actorless way. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.


  • If you mean you are using actix-ws instead of actix-web-actors, then it does not look like configuring the maximum frame size is supported.

    Internally both use the groundwork from actix_http::ws of which the Codec controls the maximum frame size, however actix-ws always uses the default (source) and doesn't allow you to override it like actix-web-actors' WsResponseBuilder does.