How to get a String from an xml file when using an object in Jetpack Compose?

Instead of direcly write "red", "yellow" and "green", I would like to get the string from xml.

object Apples {
    val apples = listOf("red", "yellow", "green"

I have tried val context = LocalContext.current but it is not working.


  • It is not possible to access context inside object. I suggest you, instead of writing colors directly, use something like this:

    object Apples {
        val apples = listOf<Int>(

    This way, when you need to output any of the values, you simply call stringResource(apples[0]).

    That being said, I might (depending on the use case) solve this by using enum:

    enum class Apples(val nameResId: Int) {

    The actual presentation of the string should not be baked into the object itself, but rather the UI should take care of it. While you probably could make a @Composable function inside the object, you will create another composable function you won't be able to use outside composable functions.