coffeescript, jade, stylus -> js, css asset manager? node.js

I work in coffeescript, jade and stylus.

My application serves two different "one page apps". For these apps I serve all asset in the initial payload.

I want to group, compile, and concatenate all coffeescript files and jade templeates into a single js asset and stylus files into a single css asset for each "one page app".

Then I can just leave my /public/js and /public/css alone and they will always have the current js and css asset files for the two different apps.

Has anyone setup a workflow like this before? Any ideas how I could do this?

Through research I found the process written about here but they don't say how they did it.


  • You can do this with JS pretty simply with Express + Stitch / StitchUp

    Sample config:

    An alternative is also Interleave:

    And the options for stylus middleware should sort you out for your CSS:

    There's also a myriad of options over here: