RabbitMQ, Erlang: How to "make sure the erlang cookies are the same"

I am using RabbitMQ with Grails, and a problem cropped up this morning. When I run rabbitmqctl status it tells me:

C:\Users\BuildnTest2>rabbitmqctl status
Status of node 'rabbit@BUILDNTEST2-PC' ...
Error: unable to connect to node 'rabbit@BUILDNTEST2-PC': nodedown diagnostics:
- nodes and their ports on BUILDNTEST2-PC: [{rabbit,49164},
- current node: 'rabbitmqctl27693@BuildnTest2-PC'
- current node home dir: C:\Users\BuildnTest2
- current node cookie hash: cSYB8tsT4mGGZHSUGQi08w==

When I go to the Rabbit troubleshooting page they say:

then you should make sure the Erlang cookies are the same.

What does this mean and how is it accomplished?

Googling found this forum thread which claims to have instructions to solving this problem, but alas it just redirects back to the rabbit site where there is no answer.


  • The definitive answer to your specific question, on the RabbitMQ site is at

    However, from your status dump, it doesn't look as though this is your issue. It just looks as though your node is down. Am I correct in assuming that you aren't running a cluster? The fact that the node that you can't connect to is the same as the one you are running the commands from indicates this.

    If the RabbitMQ service is running then run rabbitmqctl start If it isn't running then go to services and start it and then the above. The erlang cookie is irrelevant for non-clustered configurations.