Importing images in TypeScript React - "Cannot find module"

I am trying to import images to use inside a React component with TypeScript. The bundler I'm using is Parcel (not Webpack).

I have created a .d.ts file inside the project with the image file extension, and included it inside tsconfig.json. However, when I try to import an image, TS yells at me about Cannot find module.

My project structure:

+ src
  + assets
    - image.jpg
  + components
    - Box.tsx
    - App.tsx
  - index.d.ts
  - index.html
  - index.tsx
- tsconfig.json
- tslint.json

I tried to import the image in App.tsx like this. VS Code underlined '../assets/image.jpg' and said Cannot find module '../assets/image.jpg'.

import * as React from 'react';
import * as img from '../assets/image.jpg';

const Box = props => {
  // do things...

export default Box;

The discussions I found online point to the need of defining a .d.ts file myself, so I created that index.d.ts file with this line.

declare module '*.jpg';

Then added "include": ["./src/index.d.ts"] inside tsconfig.json, after "compilerOptions" : {...}.

What did I miss? How can I fix the error TS is throwing?


  • If you literally wrote "include": ["./src/index.d.ts"] in tsconfig.json and you don't have a "files" setting, that means the project defined by tsconfig.json includes only the single file ./src/index.d.ts. When you open any other file in VS Code, VS Code uses a separate language service instance that doesn't use your tsconfig.json. Adjust your "include" setting to match all the .ts and .tsx files in your project, or just delete it and rely on the default behavior of including all files under the directory containing tsconfig.json.

    Round 2

    TypeScript is ignoring index.d.ts because it assumes that index.d.ts is generated from index.tsx and index.tsx is more likely to be up to date. Name your index.d.ts file something else, e.g., declaration.d.ts.